Backyard Birds

Ahh chickens - where it all began.

What sounded like a fun idea to have a handful of backyard chickens for fresh eggs, quickly lead to a much deeper investment into our gentleman's farm, and wholesome living. 

Our flock now exceeds 30 birds, with a mix of breeds from Rhode Island Reds, Polish, Silkies, Sapphire Gems, Leghorns, Ameraucanas, and then some...


We've also begun raising turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Going into our third year, we have done both heritage breeds and industrial style birds.  We look forward to providing the bird for a family dinner once again!  


In addition to the chickens and turkeys, we have a small handful of guinea hens in our flock as well.  These birds are mostly ornamental, but can also provide flock protection and excellent lawn management removing ticks and other bugs. 





Our eggs can be found in stores locally, and we like to share the occasional from scratch recipe on our blog!

Watch for new additions to the flock, future hatching schedules, and lessons learned along the way.