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Raise Em' Up

We currently run a mixed herd of beef cattle including Herefords, Highland, Blank Angus, and Longhorns. 

Why so many different types?

We're just getting started - trying out a few breeds of interest, and seeing what works best for our operation.  We take into consideration breed characteristics, the type of land and climate we have, and infrastructure. For the time being, we have a little freedom to run a "boutique beef" program picking what sounds like fun, until we narrow down what we want to do consistently.  We have always enjoyed hands-on learning, and believe that this process will provide us with the greatest confidence in producing the best quality beef we can. 

We have invested in a breeding Hereford bull, Tonka, and a heifer to begin calving in early 2023.  We hope to add more heifers to the herd, and there's a good chance you'll be seeing more longhorned and fuzzy cattle out here on Long Swamp Road! Stay tuned!

How are the cattle fed?

We are raising grass-fed cattle, that are supplemented with spent grains from our local brewery, Corner Point Brewing! 

We believe in providing our cattle a natural existence - allowing them free-choice hay (grass), forage in our woodlands during the growing season, and spent grains.  Grass-fed cattle are generally healthier during their lifespan, and their beef is better for you, too. With how cold our winters can be here, we choose to provide them with spent brewery grains (as opposed to grain containing soy and corn) to help keep them warm.  "Beer-fed" beef means that the cows receive a highly digestible protein and energy source, and it is available year-round.  
This is also a wonderful way to recycle a byproduct that is otherwise unused.  The cattle turn the hay and spent grains into beef as well as fertilizer, which in turn will compost for growth of new forage and grasses, and go into gardens! 

While our Maine woods don't provide expansive pasture land (yet), our cattle are free-range.  They have space to roam individually, but are often happier snuggled together or moving as a herd. 

Our goal is to raise cattle responsibly, joyfully, and in a peaceful setting where they will be loved on from the minute they arrive here, until the day they leave us. We don't use any added hormones and our beef is always anti-biotic free.

We want to bring you a beef product that is flavorful, balanced, tender, delicious and nutritious!  

Well loved cattle make tender beef!

Where's the Beef?

We weren't expecting our first round of cattle shares to sell out in less than 12 hours - so we have been quickly working on obtaining additional stock to meet demands. We hope to continue with rapid expansion of pasture area and herd size as time allows!

All our beef is USDA butchered, and we have all required permits through the state to provide you with pre-packaged meat either at the local farmer's market, or directly here at the ranch. 


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