Doing It All

"How do you do it?"

It's a question we are frequented, and anyone who lives life similarly can relate, I am certain.

How do we raise our children, while working full time, and also add a farm, and all the rest of the ingredients to a very full life? 

When I boil it down, the only real answer I can give is that we are a team. Our foundation is built in working together, to get the same end goal - a happy, healthy, grounded family. (Don't be fooled, there are times we still fight like dogs).

The truth is though, some weeks we don't do it all. Some nights, boxed mac n' cheese does the trick. Life is about balance - there are seasons where things are busier and seasons where things slow down. The key is just being patient and letting those seasons run their course. 

Our Barnyard Routine:

It is a common thought that farmers are up early to get all the chores for the day done. While we are up early, it's because we need to get out the door to daycare and day jobs. 

Our farm is on an evening schedule instead. Fresh food and water is replenished every evening after work, and during cold months, we have water heaters to ensure that water buckets don't freeze into ice all day long. 

While the hooved herd has the freedom to go inside or outside during the day, typically we open our coop in the morning for the bird flock and close it up at night.

Grooming, mucking, and additional care is done as needed, but usually on weekends and in any remaining daylight hours we have. Often times in winter, the Homestead Husband works by headlamp or work lights.

In between, we make dinner or get house chores accomplished. Our Homestead Hunny loves to help out with feeding the animals, or walking them (as best as her little toddler legs can). It is a family effort, and we hope she continues to find joy in these tasks, and we look forward to her seeing the reward of her efforts the more she works with her animals.

I often hear people say that they are too busy or could never make time for that. That may be true... However, as I read recently in a perfectly worded post, "when you want something bad enough, you find a way - if you don't, you'll find an excuse". 

Most of what it takes is a hard lesson in priotitization. Knowing "when to hold em', when to fold em', and when to walk away" can be a challanging lesson but it has helped me in so many areas of my life, to accomplish more than what the average day had originally planned. Be patient, work hard, and keep your eye on the prize - you'll be amazed at how far you can go. You can do hard things.


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