A Little Leather

The importance of a good knife cannot be overstated...

Pictured here: hand crafted, custom form knife sheath from SOME Leather

Equally as important, is the sheath you store it in. Locally crafted, and hand stitched, SOME Leather (Southern Maine) knows how to make top quality products. Built to last, with integrity and unique style, their leather products are sure to be pieces you cherish for years to come.

We highly recommend SOME Leather for your next leather tote, purse, wallet, belt, cuff, or sheath needs. The custom leather shop also crafts dog collars, leashes, earrings, wine charms, ornaments, and more. Some of their products are also used to carry essential oils! I frequently put the oils on my leather earrings for an all natural perfume!

The leather, sourced from various Maine-based suppliers, comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, and the shop owners aim to use every bit of their materials to avoid any waste. The store front is located in Eliot, Maine right off of Route 236, a quick hop off the highway not far from the Kittery shopping outlets.

Pictured here: ^my favorite leather tote!

Both my leather tote, and the Homestead Husband's sheath are heirlooms that we use day in and day out, with minimal ware on them. For life out here, the importance of a quality, local, hand crafted product is something we value. They are some of our all time favorite pieces, and we look forward to more!

Support your local businesses! Shop local!

Have something special in mind? They do custom creations, too.

You can now find them online on Facebook, and you can shop them online too!



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