Sometimes I Wish I Lived In an Airstream...

I have always wanted to be a part of the Sisters on the Fly camping group - they are strong women, with an appreciation for vintage, and a little kicked-back fun. They travel the country towing their made over tin trailers - Shastas from the retro era, glammed out, covered in fresh paint, and junk gypys-fied. They were the original glampers before it became a full blown trend that you can now spend hours indulging in on Pinterest.


While our travel trailer was not of the retro variety (kind of hard to squeeze our growing family in one of those little getups) I was looking forward to adding fun touches to it. The nice part about some of these glampers is that you can be theme-y, they don't have to be taken too seriously (though some do more contemporary makeovers, as well). I'm all for the shabby-chic, so it fit the bill for me.

But alas, our original Glamper from earlier this year was a bit of a heartbreaker.

In a whirlwind of events, we ended up doing a last minute swap out for a newly improved model, and sold off the first trailer that needed more work than we had time or immediate funds to invest in, before our camping season began. We did not anticipate the damage when we first inspected and purchased it - we knew it needed some repairs, but time ran out.

I was pretty bummed out at first, as we had just poured so much time planning, shopping, packing and making installs on the original, but it was sold to a family that was ready to take it on and I know they appreciated all of the small updates we had made.

Moving onward...

The new Glamper (from glammed out pop-up > country-fied Trailer #1 > new & improved Trailer #2) does not require us to update ANYTHING which is both a blessing and a little sad as I love to make things my own. However, if all we have to do to this one is pick out the fun décor, you bet your bottom I'll get right on it. Pros of not having to do any serious labor this go-round is that when we are ready to camp, we can hit the road and the set up time is zilch. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

In many ways, though this does pull us away from the homestead homebase, it still feels very tied to me. It's all about simplicity. While this upgraded trailer is not quite shabby-chic, nor is it simple when it comes to amenities (some nicer than my actual home!), it allows us to have good ol' family fun, in nature, without a ton of distractions and work.

Here's how we'll be home-makin' from the road:

  • farm fresh eggs - check!

  • breakfast sausage - check!

  • homemade beer & wine & cider- check!

  • homegrown herbs & seasonings - check!

  • garden fresh veggies - check!

  • home raised meats - check!

  • traveling road chicken - still a work in progress.....

We'll still be cookin' up farm fresh foods even on the road and I will use this as an opportunity to refamiliarize myself with wrought iron pans (the true homesteaders cookware of choice).

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