Country-fied Camper

"On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again...."

I have been humming this tune to myself as we've been slowly adding to the glamper over the winter months in preparation for warm weather adventures. The camping trailer was in pretty good condition when we bought it, but it lacked a sense of Harper Homestead style. Naturally, I had to fix that.

The camper is now a moderately glamourous country-fied cowboy camper, to put us in the right mood for pioneering the highways and byways to our next fire pit, river-front campsite. We've booked ourselves a few getaways for Spring through Fall this year, with room to add when opportunity allows. Getting out of dodge for a couple days here and there is important - it always makes us appreciate being back at the homestead, and it keeps us inspired.

We look forward to using these adventures to hike, fish, swim, and spend time as a family. In the future, we hope to find ourselves parked at the county agricultural fairs where we'll show our goods and livestock.

Which all sounded so great - until it wasn't.

Insert here: [sound of me internally screaming "Nothing is working!!!"]

We've just been running into all kinds of trouble lately. The camper reno was a couple of days from being complete, and we had narrowed it down to the final projects when we discovered a roof repair that was a little more in depth than we had thought. To be fair, it is fixable. It's not something that can't be done. But at this point in time, we're done.

We've had SO many projects this Spring, and it's been wearing us out fast. We are pretty resilient but after all of the trials we have been through recently, we folded. This time, we allowed ourselves to take the out. Sometimes, it's just what you have to do for your mental and physical health.

There were a handful of things left that I had wanted to accomplish - cabinet painting, seat covers, and some custom artwork... but, we didn't get there this time. We did give it a pretty good start though, for anyone who'd want to finish it up (camper is now for sale) & take the extra time and money to make the roof repair!

Here's the RV-Hab Results:

Map knob - travel around!

Loved this fabric for the bunkhouse - ABC's for the kiddos, in western style!

Custom valances recovered in western prints.

Custom shower curtain, and new knobs - Stirrup used for the hand towel!

Sparkle on, Cowgirl.

Hand made log and cow fur pillow cases. Will reuse!


Upgraded lighting - added the crystal beading and pendants for some sparkle!

The skinny:

  • We upgraded the dinette light fixture to include a chandelier (obviously). I added some crystal beading to it for a little extra umph!

  • All of the knobs and pulls on the cabinets were replaced throughout the camper, all with a western, traveling vibe from arrows, to boots, maps, and sparkly Concho-looking ones.

  • The bedding was all upgraded using burlap colored linens, serape blankets, and fun throw pillows that look like logs, grain bags, or had furry cow print fabrics.

  • All of the privacy curtains were replaced, and the tie-backs were swapped out with leather belts.

  • Valances were recovered with scalloped flag banners showcasing the true American style, while the bunkroom valances were created using stripped fabric with western styled alphabet letters, pioneer wagons, and fun Aztec-like pattern prints. Others were fully reupholstered.

  • Organizers were utilized in all closets and pantry spaces to provide the utmost amount of organization and ease for stress-free camping.

  • Décor was implemented all over to inspire a western cowboy feel, from dishware, to metallic cow skull wall hangings, and a Bluetooth oil-lamp looking radio.. Naturally, the chande-lantern is in the mix, along with old scout books and badges, Field & Stream magazines, gourmet marshmallows, and more.

What I love about the trailer, is the ease. We've done tents and we adored our little Happy Camper pop-up, but with our growing family, the trailer makes it that much faster to get to the fun part. Park it and enjoy. There's space in the camper to hold all of it's own gear, clothing, bedding, kitchenware, etc. The only things I want to pack when we go, are the kid(s), dogs, and cooler. Family fun is not supposed to be stressful!

If someone handy went to work on this last piece, the trailer is otherwise good to go. Or, the local RV repair shop quoted us for it and it's not astronomical to have someone do the work for you. It's a worthy cowboy camper, sure to bring someone happy trails.

All is not lost however - the glamping season is still on as we opted to invest in a new to us, updated and fully ready to rock new camper instead. C'mon back real soon to find out more & hear the tails from the trails! We'll have campfire stories to share in our new country camper.



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