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Most backyard chicken keepers know all too well, that on occasion, there are too many eggs for one family to consume (assuming that you, too, could not stop at a flock of 4 or so chickens, as most do not...).

Our hens really started ramping up production which meant that we finally had enough to put some up for sale! Many homesteaders will sell their eggs in an attempt to offset the cost of feed and chicken care. Backyard eggs are as fresh as they come. They are richer, generally higher in protien, and the hens are far happier than those in most major production facilities. If you don't have chickens of your own, but would like to enjoy the benefits of the freshest eggs around, try checking out your local farmer's market. Some local stores may also carry locally laid eggs, but you can also try leaving a request on your town's Facebook Page - reach out! You never know who might see it, and who might have some ready and waiting!

Lucky for us, we have been able to keep a supply up at our local feed store, Willow Brooke Farms! They have a cooler full of local products, from beefalo burgers, bacon, sausage, chicken, and ice cream! The selection is growing all the time.

Our Harper Homestead Eggs offered, are dozen-sized and half-dozen-sized packs, including Polish White eggs, Ameraucanua Blues, Silkie Cream Eggs, Leghorn Whites, and Rhode Island Red brown eggs. There's a good chance, I could even tell you which hen laid which egg if you really wanna know.

Our hens are naturally raised, which means that they are allowed to free-range regularly. They also have access to Blue Seal brand chicken feed, oyster shells for calcium, fresh water, and healthy kitchen scraps along with the occasional mealworm treat. They have a cozy coop, and lots of love and attention.

We hope to continue with strong production as most of our hens are very young. In the future, locals can keep an eye out for Harper Homestead Muscovy Duck Eggs, too!

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