Free Seeds!

Burpee Seed Company in partnership with the University of Rhode Island, and Ocean States Job Lot, provides a free seed campaign at the end of the year (going on now!).

Job Lot (a Rhode Island based store, found throughout New England) brings in Burpee Seed packs every spring including all varieties of veggies and flowers. When there are seed packets left over, they bring them to the URI Cooperative and the seeds are then made available for individuals and organizations to collect for free.

"URI Cooperative Extension is pleased to offer FREE vegetable, flower and herb Burpee™ seed packets to schools, community and youth groups, 4-H clubs, community gardens, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, and individuals throughout the continental US! The URI Free Seed Program is made possible annually through the generous donation of expired yet usable and unsold seed packets from Ocean State Job Lot stores throughout the Northeast. Seeds are available for the cost of postage if mailed, or through pick-up in Richmond, RI in January 2019. Interested in ordering seeds? Please read the information below and on the order form carefully to ensure that you receive the order you place!"

You can place your order using a downloadable PDF on the URI website:

If you don't live close enough to pick the order up in person, you can simply mail in your order by Jan. 18th, 2019 and send a check for the postage fee (calculation method provided on the order form).

Submitting an Order:

  • Individuals: Mail order only (no pick-ups available) Orders limited to 200 seed packets

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Mail order or in-person pick-up Orders limited to 500 seed packets

  • Schools: Mail order or in-person pick-up Multiple order forms per school (e.g. for individual teachers) are accepted, but only 500 seed packets will be distributed per school in total.

Burpee Seeds have been in business since 1881. They are a reputable seed company, with many great reviews. We have used their seeds for many of our own garden products in the past year, and I now look forward to doing so again. For less than $15.00 I will be able to plant 40 different varieties of flowers and vegetables this coming Spring! This is a good deal as the packets sold from Burpee directly are sometimes $4.00 - $8.00 per packet. You can however, find them at Ocean State Job Lot as we get closer to Spring time, for slightly less, but certainly not free.

Are there local programs near you that provide opportunities like this? If you know of any, please leave us a message or comment below. Thanks!

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