Garden Series: Summer Update 1


This summer has me putting on some serious miles. I have not been around as much as I'd have liked. Things have been so busy between family trips, work trips, and daily life.... I've had to take a bit of a pause from things for a while, but I think we're finally slowing down (which is good because I'm about to pass out).

With all of this going on, we've been on what feels like auto-pilot with the homestead, just running through chores and not really being able to stop and smell the tomato plants (which, by the way, are growing like CrAzyyY).

In the midst of it all, our garden sprung to life. The hot & humid weather definitely was the spring-board it needed to take off.

We are now harvesting:

  • rosemary

  • peppermint

  • dill

  • basil

  • oregano

  • thyme

  • cucumbers

  • banana peppers

  • jalapenos

  • summer squash

  • zucchini

  • green beans

  • blueberries

Shortly, the tomatoes will be ripened, grapes, raspberries, a couple stalks of corn (no thanks to our ducks who wrecked multiple stalks in our absence...), acorn squash, bell peppers, loofah, pumpkins, cabbages, & fall gourds.

It never ceases to be a thrill when our dinner plate is filled with veggies that came from our yard, meat that we raised and butchered, and seasoned with our own herbs - and paired with homemade wine. Meals are far more fulfilling, and full of gratitude.

We definitely, definitely underestimated the size of our pumpkin patch... it's a freakin' forest out here people! Very excited to trample through the waist-high squash leaves with a machete like it's the African rainforest come harvest time.

What We've Learned This Year:

  • Stake your tomato plants early (like when you plant them) otherwise it's a real mess and a pain to clean up.

  • Beetles ruin grape leaves.

  • Pumpkins need a LOT of space to grow.

  • Ducks like corn stalks....

  • We need a bigger garden (more raised beds).

  • We need to consider plants that like to climb & build trellises for them (there is more vertical space than horizontal).

  • All our florals are late bloomers, so plan for more spring flowers.

  • Plant garlic in the fall.

Our focus, now that we're back at the ranch for a bit, will be finding new recipes that include the produce we have growing, outside of what we normally do, so we can put the abundance to more use. Excess will be provided to family or sold at our upcoming mini market!

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