Duck Pond: Part 4 - Get It Pumpin'

Splishing and splashing around the pond has been a favorite pastime for our waterfowl. The geese took months before venturing out of the pond gate, due to how smitten they are with it (a decent upgrade from their kiddy pool previously).

Since the pond is not naturally fed, and man-made, the waterfowl can cause some additional bacteria growth, and make it a little messy... (like nuclear green colored water). We weren't sure how quickly this would happen, given that this is our first pond, so we watched and waited before making any big plans for filters and fountains.

Emerald green was the color of the pond due to algea growth in less than a month's time. So, the answer is that it happens fast... I am sure that the humid temperatures at the end of last summer also lent itself to added growth. It was finally time to combat the issue, and introduce a filtering pond pump.

^Yuuuuuuck. But, the filter pictured here is working on changing this!

Pond pumps for bodies of water this size can be many hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. 2,500 gallons of water is a lot to filter through! We decided, after drawing up plans to build one from scratch, and checking the cost of one off the shelf, to work smarter, not harder. The Homestead Husband jumped on our favorite yard sale site, and found a pool filter system for $75 (that he scored for $50)! While some products are specialized for a specific need, that can also mean that they come with a mark up, when there is something available that can do the same job, for a lot less if you think outside the box a bit. It did require some modifications with hose (we recycled an old fire hose for this purpose), but it was installed in under an hour.

The pump aerates the water, causing the algae, waste, and feathers to break apart or be filtered out, and not continue to build on their original growth. This means that the dirtied water going into the pump, is then returned clear and clean. Better for appearance, waterfowl health, and moving water will stop it from being as buggy, however the birds take care of most of that on their own. Walking fly traps.

We have been running it a lot since it was installed to get the most out of the filter system as possible since the pond was in need of this deep cleaning. The pump is simply plugged in when it is time to run it, and unplugged after a few hours. It's been working tremendously well so far, for a quick fix!

Now to get a biggo fountain installed with some mood lighting & some Spring time landscaping to hide the liner and dress it up some!

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