Glamping! On the Road Again...

We are taking this show on the road!

New year, new adventures. While we are usually a couple of homebodies, we do always appreciate any time spent in the great outdoors. It is also important to us to instill a love for nature and inspire imagination in our Homestead Honey by getting her out under the stars and visiting new places. The new chuckwagon will allow us to explore, with the comforts of home in true "glamping" style.

For those of you new to the term, glamping = glamour + camping

Previously, we had RV-habbed a small pop-up that needed some love. It served us well, but we quickly outgrew it. This new glamper will suit our needs for years (and babies) to come, and will help us to get to the local fairs to show some of our fab chickens and future farm animals (see this really is related to the Homestead afterall).

We had been hoping to invest in a family sized travel trailer this Spring, but the right opportunity arrived and sometimes you just can't pass those along. Thankfully, this camper requires a bit less than our previous one, and even less than our ranch on the Homestead did! That being said, I of course need to add my own junked-out glammed-out, treasure hunted touches to it to call it home, even on the road. Appropriately, we will be naming the ol' girl "Country Roads" - take us home, or wherever we park it.

Thankfully, this also came at a time where we can turn our focus on it, as we are currently in a butchering season. Many of our livestock are completely raised and ready for processing. Although it is a hard season on the heart, it is really special to be filling our freezer without hitting the grocery store. This summer, when we can wake up fireside on a river in true cowboy fashion, and sizzle up some bacon in a skillet at the glamp-site, we will know it will all have been worth it.

Side Note: We just picked up our 3rd chest freezer/spare fidge for free... If you are worried about storing that many birds or that much pork all at one time, take a look on your local yard sale sites or hit them up when the weather warms up... You can usually find them if you watch for a little while - people are always looking to clear out! A little bleach and they're good as new!

While the camper helps us to get out into nature, and away from technology this seems like the right time to note that we're also really glad for today's technology. Today, there are automatic waterers, automatic coop doors, timed sprayers for the garden, and solar power. All things that allow us to run the farm a bit more efficiently so that we can play or take a few steps out of our day-to-day. It also means that we have more options in terms of being able to leave the farm for the weekend, and know the critters are still getting what they need. In addition to that, there are AMAZING people and services out there like, The Barn Nanny (so smart!) who will come to your farm and take detailed notes about your routines, and show up when you can't be there to check on, feed, water, or scoop - whatever needs to be done, even for the cats! These services really help to put out minds at rest knowing that everyone is in good hands if we are going to be gone for an extended period of time. This is one cost, I don't mind paying if it means we get to do it all.

My design for the camper, naturally, will lean toward "southwestern lodge" - we've always been a bit cowboy curious, and in a space such as this, we can get away with being a little cheeky. While the better part of me wants to cover the entire interior with new paint and reupholstery, this time I'm going to take a more subtle approach, and try to work with what's already there to accomplish the deisgn in mind with a few simpler modifications. And yes, there WILL be a chandelier - would it even be my camper if it didn't have one?

^the Glamper plates will be transferred to the new rig, too!

Stay tuned for some tales from the trails - and to see if I can sneak Priscilla the silkie chicken, into my luggage. Will share the RV-hab update when it is complete!

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