Green Thumb

I did not plan on becoming a gardener. In fact, I truly believed I had a "gang-green thumb". I could not grow something edible. How would I even begin?

Now, only a couple months later, I find myself obsessing over vibrant greens, bright yellows, and the rich reds that are popping up everywhere in our garden! We have been eating a rainbow of vegetables. I swear, there is nothing that could encourage healthier eating more, than growing your own veggies. The amount of pride it brings, and amazement when the produce actually appears is like nothing else. Then you add knowing that there were no pestisides sprayed on them, and they were grown with your care, your water, your choices... It's confidence instilling, and about as fresh as it could possibly get!

This year, we went plant crazy. We wanted to try EVERYTHING. So, we did. We didn't have a clue if any of the plants would take, but it was worth it to try.

We have been wildly successful with many of our plants, especially the summer squash, cucumbers, and herbs.

Those that did not survive as well were the zucchini (becasue the summer squash spread like wildfire and literally "squashed" it), and the lettuce... It started well, but got away from me a bit and began to bolt. When lettuce bolts, it becomes very bitter, and is essentially just chicken food... We were able to harvest quite a bit of it before this took place, however. Homemade salads have been a hit!

Garlic also had been planted, but so far it appears to have done not much of anything... which is a bummer because as an Italian, I practically live on the stuff. Further research will be done to make that work in the future - I was so looking forward to pretty garlic braids hanging in our eventual root cellar....

Let me just reiterate that I have never successfully grown vegetables before. I have kept one or two flowering plants alive in the past, but that's the extent of my sowing seeds experience prior to this. To be fair, the Homestead Husband had done this a time or two a few years ago, so he was able to guide me through the experience.

Success with a garden such a