On Being Home, Instead...

Updated: Apr 2

Here at the Harper Homestead, things feel relatively normal, considering how upside-down the entire world seems to be right now.

I can only say that because our homesteading journey has provided us with a few skills that are handy during a time like this. With regular grocery items flying off the shelves, I'm happy and proud to feel confident about only buying what we absolutely need because we have so much readily available, including eggs, pasta, bread, frozen veggies, and a freezer full of meats. While I certainly don't have everything on hand, it's good to feel like I'm at least slightly ahead of the game.

We are so lucky to have gotten into our hobbies when we did, ahead of this pandemic. That being said, it is not too late to start, and we've made a point to share what we can, with those in need. Bartering has also been a really, really cool part of this whole experience (eggs traded for moose steaks - score!).

Right now, with so many people being home more than normal, is a great time to plant seeds and start a garden, make one quick trip (sanitizing as needed) to Tractor Supply (who is so awesome for working hard to stay open for our animals) for Spring chicks for eggs or meat birds, or simply begin your research. What interests you? Milking? Foraging? Honey? Fiber?

Having a hard time accessing seeds? Reach out to gardeners you may know - they often have extra seeds on hand and may be willing to trade, or sell some to you. Can't find eggs at the store? Look up your local farms - it is a great time to start shopping local! Farmers don't stop even when the rest of the world does.

There are so many ways that the homesteading life, or some aspects of it, can be beneficial in a modern-day world - you may find that you are really don't mind spending so much time at home, focusing on your family, and the little things. You may find that homesteading is for those who would rather be home, instead (and maybe, that's okay). It has given us peace during many times of stress and heartache.

While things may feel a bit tumultuous at times, we truly believe there is a lot of good that can come out of this scenario. In some ways, it can be viewed as a reset - I've seen (via social media - being pregnant, I haven't left my driveway in 2 weeks now) so many home projects being accomplished, people taking on new hobbies, or spending the time improving the ones that have been on the back-burner. Kids are outside! People are doing physical activities. Parents are being creative with lessons and inspiration. Animals are getting extra love and attention from their human counter-parts. These pieces and parts are a true benefit to the nostalgic image of the American family - a reminder of the important things; a detox from over-shopping, and over-spending. Some added family meals and bonding make for some special memories. We are trying to focus on the good, and we hope this inspires you to do the same.

It is always darkest, just before dawn.

(...and if you have a rooster, you'll be sure to see the change for yourself - good morning!)

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