Baby, Let's Get Outta Here

How does one head off for a vacation when there are so many homestead responsibilities back at the ranch?

This is one of the more common questions we have received since getting our Glamper...

^Big Bertha right there... (in)formally known as "Country Roads"...

I would be 100% full of manure if I told you that we don't get worn out from all of the stuff we have going on - between work, homesteading, and parenthood, it can be really tiring. Homesteading is a big motivator for us, and we usually welcome the hard work as it's an accomplished tired - a good tired - if you will. However, we also welcome the opportunity to catch a break in the great outdoors now that everything at home is in working order.

Truthfully, I believe that these little getaways will provide us with even greater appreciation for everything that we have back at home. It's not so much that we need an escape from it (though I understand the desire for that also), but that variety is the spice of life, and as much as we love being at home, it's good to get a change of scenery every now and again. What I love most is that I won't dread returning back home, because I'm just as happy when we're there.

In today's world, with modern day farming, a life filled with variety is an option. We are lucky enough to have a local service called, The Barn Nanny, to help us do it all. For a very affordable fee, Denise, professional barn manager and founder of The Barn Nanny, will come to your home and provide care based on your instructions, for your farm. Denise is experienced, personable, and excellent communicator, and so smart. The Barn Nanny comes and takes detailed notes of your care procedures and needs, and will even care for the house cats while you are away (our two appreciate it!).

Find Barn Nanny, LLC online, here:

While I am still hellbent on figuring out how to get a traveling road chicken on board when we vacation, in the meantime it is so nice to know the flock and the herd are in good hands and are comfortable at home.

Don't have anyone near you that provides the same service?

Look into your local 4-H programs - there are often responsible program participants with livestock experience you could seek help from. Consider training an apprentice who would like to learn more about livestock, agriculture, or farming. Not only is it fun to share the passions, it provide a bit of stress relief knowing you have a caring person you can give a ring to when you're in need.

Always remember that even the most experienced farm-hand can run into roadblocks - it is always a risk putting the care of your barnyard in someone else's hands so make sure it is someone you can trust to be honest, genuine, and timely.

If it weren't for services like The Barn Nanny, our summer might be looking a little different. We are so thankful to have this available to us. Check on Facebook or do a quick online search to see if there is something similar near you - then get out there and have some fun!




"Lock up the house, pack up the station wagon,

Make paradise our final destination.

As long as we're outta here.

There isn't no time like the present they say,

Let's cruise all the way down A1A, put the top down, and catch a few rays.

Baby we'll be outta here"

~Kenny Chesney

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