Seasonal Planning

100 degree highs, with 100% humidity makes it a little hard to believe that Autumn is right around the bend... (I say while sipping pumpkin coffee....). Apple cider and pumpkin porters are among us though, and I can't say I'm not excited.

It's amazing how even with a small garden, how much of an impact the seasons have. We were growing along just fine, and suddenly, it was the end of summer, and we had tons of produce we had to find ways to preserve and utilize.... we were a little unprepared for the sudden canning/cooking madness - trying to figure out how to can, and what recipes work or don't... It has been a little hairy...

There are still items in the garden that haven't even come to fruition yet, too. Some we won't even harvest until it gets cooler out, like the corn, broccoli, cabbage, and more peppers. Fall is also a good time to think about pruning back some of the bushes you may have, or consider planting some bulbs or trees for Spring blooms.

We are a bit overwhelmed with plans and schedules for the garden, for finishing summer projects, and beginning to think about cold weather prep - all of which feels ridiculous when it's so hot out, the hogs can barely bring themselves to leave the wallow.

(wallow not pictured here...)

Such is life, though... there are seasons for rest, seasons for change, and seasons for working to the point of exhaustion. Everything ebbs and flows, as things come and go. It is easy to get caught up in the working seasons, and lose sight of the times to rest. It is important, however, to take time out and plan for what you want your next steps to be.

For us, this will inlcude:

  • Replanting the mint somewhere where it is allowed to take over, as it is currently destroying my raised bed... a word to the wise, DON'T plant mint in with your raised bed! Plant seperately - you will thank me later.

  • Finishing the pond pump/fountain feature (stay tuned for Duck Pond: Part 4)

  • Updates to the Quack Shack

  • Planting some apple trees (ideally)

  • Extending the chicken run (more room for the girls to roam)

  • Dehydrating herbs for use all winter long

  • Redecorating for fall

  • Starting another batch of wine

  • Training time for hunting with Hank (bird dog)

  • Planning for Thanksgiving Turkeys

...And then, changing focus back to interior projects inside the homestead, and planning for winter watering routines for the animals.

Sometimes the list feels never-ending - I am sure we can all relate. I'm also sure that I have probably forgotten about 10 other things for that list, and will also decide to add in randomness here and there, too. Just as soon as I feel I am in over my head, something will change, and in a day or two I will look back and realize my list has gotten shorter after all. When we're all trucking through things, it isn't always easy to remember to just breath and focus, and to take things a day at a time (in all areas of your life).

Making lists, even if they are miles long, is helpful to me. Having end goals with dates is also helpful... We're hoping to plan a Harvest Party to use up some of our produce and push ourselves to finalize all yard projects. While this can add stress, sometimes it's the only way to motivate ourselves to get something done on time!

How do you focus? How do you make sure everything gets done before the seasons change? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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