The Berry Patch: Update 1

The berries are ripening. My mouth is watering.

We took out the loppers and went to town on the dead branches and low brush in the Berry Patch. As we lifted branches, we uncovered these small fruits beginning to become blue. It is so tempting to pick them, but forcing myself to practice patience while these get to their sweetest point is worthwhile.

In the meantime, we utilized the shorn off twigs and built a natural branch arbor at the opening to the Berry Patch. There is somewhat of a natural trail that leads around and between some of the bushes, so we plan to use that as the walking path for picking.

Using a post hole digger, we dug out two spots for the main arbor branches that would begin the formation. We then used twine to tie on groupings of smaller branches, and tucked others in between gaps and holes for a fuller look. We will continue to add branches as time goes on.

I have also begun to train the creeping blackraspberries to climb their way up the arbor. It is my hope that this will also help to anchor the arbor in place over time, but also will make for a cottage-chic, easy-to-pick berry trellis.

Truth be told, I have harvested a few handfuls thus far - only those that were truly ready to be picked. They will practically fall off of the branch when they are ripe. I used them to make a blueberry pie sundae sauce, poured over vanilla ice cream. A great treat on these hot July days.

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