Good Junk Found Here: Treasure #1

I have a passion for seeing diamonds in the rough get a second chance to shine.

Growing up on yard sale gold, I love a good treasure hunt at thrift stores, junk yards, or online market places. If you're in search of something particular, there's a good chance I can find it.

Like the dresser, pictured above, I had to find one just narrow enough for our small nursery but I didn't want something plain from Ikea. It took a couple weeks of searching before I came across the perfect sized dresser/changing table for the little Homestead Honey.

Being the good man he is, the Homestead Husband went out to the seller's abode, in the middle of a snow storm to retrieve my Victorian era, sturdy well-loved score. For $60 this piece of history came home to me ready for a makeover. It had made it a long time in its past life, for having such ornate wooden handles, and all its corners still intact.

The first thing it needed was a good exfoliation to remove it's current worn in blemishes and stained surface. Once it was sanded down, I found just the right pastel pink and pale grey to give it a new shabby-chic appearance. After two coats of barely-there pink, I went back and gave it a little scuffing up. I didn't want the piece to be too perfect, and remove all its prior stories. In addition to the fact that it would be in a child's room, where chances are, it might receive some new scratches here and there. The bonus of shabby chic style, is that it hides wear and tare well. Using cheap horse-hair paint brushes, I whisked the grey paint over the handles, allowing for minor imperfections. Once all was dried, I applied a wax seal to the entire piece, antiquing the first paint layers just slightly.

It holds the changing pad and diaper organizer perfectly for now, and as long as she likes it in the future, it will be a long-term piece she can put her bobbles and perfumes on as she gets older.

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