RV-Hab is our spin on camper renovations - we turn your everyday campers, into glampers (glamour campers)! 

First inspired by the fly-fishing soul sister group, Sisters on the Fly, and all of their vintage made over, ultra decorated campers, we deemed it absolutely necessary to have our own.  Taking inspiration from our favorite junkers, The Junk Gypsys in Texas, we set to work on our own camper make over.  

This has now led to many renovation projects in our lives, and a newly remodeled travel trailer of our own (round 2!). 

Our styling is funky and fun - as making memories in the great outdoors should be.  We enjoy the projects and would love to do more!  If you've got a theme in mind for your camper, and you're ready to give it a whirl, contact us for a consultation!