Sweet Amy's Baked Goods

Made from scratch... 

Eggs are abundant at The Homestead.  When we aren't sharing them or selling them, we have to find creative ways to use them, to ensure we aren't wasting what we are producingFresh eggs are known for better quality baking, and Amy Harper, the Homestead Husband's Momma,  is a baker-extraordinaire.  We have been lucky enough to inheret some of the tried-and-true prized recipes and will be sharing the ones we are allowed to, as we go.  

Here's why you should bake with farm-raised eggs:

  • Store-bought eggs are at times, up to 3 weeks old by the time you purchase them off the shelf.

  • Increased number of nutrients in eggs from chickens that are free-ranged or farm fresh due to a higher consumption of greens and natural vegetation compared to straight chicken feed.

  • Duck eggs are larger and you can substitute 1 duck egg, for 2 chicken eggs!

  • Duck eggs have lower calories than chicken eggs.

  • There is higher fat content in duck eggs which can allow for cakes to rise higher, and taste richer.

We will incorporate as many ingredients from our homestead as possible, while keeping things sweet and simple. 


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