Dirigo Ranch

The term, "dirigo" can be found on the Maine state flag, meaning "I lead".  
We had no prior experience with this kind of life, but a handful of chickens later, we were hooked.  We felt the name, Dirigo would be great for our ranch, as we lead our lives and our family down the path to a homemade life. 
We are growing and working towards our end goal of running a small cattle ranch here in Southern Maine.
Each experience we've had, and every animal on our farm, has given us greater knowledge and confidence to continue toward our goals.  Thankfully at the end of 2019 we were able to acquire a 12 acre lot where we can begin building a barn and seeing this to fruition, while continuing to create and cook from scratch in our homestead lodge - the Harper Homestead.
Please feel free to read about our livestock on their individual pages, or visit our blog for all kinds of on-goings here at the ranch.