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The Homestead

A home with outbuildings and land dedicated to crops or animals.

When we bought our home, it was zoned for "farm and forest" use.  After completely overhauling the interior of the fixer-upper, we decided to take advantage of the freedoms that the zoning laws provided.  We started with chickens, and made our way to gardening and now, pigs.  

We hope that our children grow up with a respect for animals, food, and the world around them.  We hope to raise them to love all aspects of the outdoors, and to raise them with a sense of pride for their heritage.  We hope that you, too, might come away with some new ideas on how to better utilize the spaces around you, and the resources naturally available to you!

To read on about our renovation projects & homesteadin' lessons visit our blog (click the links!): 

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